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How to Install Linux Debian version 6.0 Squeeze

Install Linux Debian

        Yups, Debian 6.0 "Squeeze" has been officially released 
on February 6, 2011. 
Unlike other Linux distributions. Distributions that have many derivatives is highly prioritizes stability. No wonder if the distance release has a very long span of time. However, as the Open Source Lover's, this is not a problem.
Well, this time we will try to explain the steps to install this Linux Debian 6.0.


  • Burning ISO image on a piece earlier Debian 6.0 DVD. You can also restore the ISO image on a Debian 6.0 had USB flash / external hard drive if you want to install without using a DVD ROM / Drive. Insyallah steps install it via USB flash / external hard drive which we will discuss in the next article. 
  • Setting the BIOS to boot from the DVD ROM / USB flash. 
  • Booting Debian 6.0 DVD / USB flash. 
  • On the installer screen select Advanced Boot Options menu, press Enter. 

  • Choose Alternative Desktop Environment. On the Menu select KDE Desktop Environment (You can also choose Xfce LXDE or to taste).
  • On screen KDE Graphical Boot Menu select Install to perform the installation in graphical mode / GUI.
  • My advice on the Select Language option, we choose only English for easy setting.

  • Next, because we will choose Indonesia as our domicile, then the window Select your location select other, then select and select Asia Indonesia.
  • Then select the Configure Locales United States en_us.UTF-8.
  • To Configure Keyboard select American English.
  • Wait a while until the Load Installer Components of DVD completed.

  • On the Configure the Network to allow the appropriate Hostname default (debian). For Domain name left blank.
  • Set up users and passwords for the root password enter your password and try again in the Re-enter password to verify.
  • For the full name for the new user can fill fit your full name. Advised not to use a space to separate the first name and last name. And the username for your account type in your first name to make it more memorable.
  • Choose a password for the new user input the password but not to the same root password, because as we later Users can also make the management system without having to login as root so it is relatively safer.
  • Configure the Clock choose Jakarta as Time Zone. Or it could be another appropriate city of residence.
  • Next is a step partition your hard drive, consider the well to avoid that fatal mistake.
  • If you install Debian 6.0 as the sole OS on your computer, you better select Guided - use entire disk on Partition method.
  • For those of you who want a multiboot OS (many OS on 1 computer) select Manual only.
  • For example here we have a space of 8.6 GB hard drive that will be us for the 8GB for the root (/) and the rest as SWAP area. So that must be addressed:
  • FREE SPACE and click on Continue.

  • Select the Create a New Partition to start the disk partition.
  • This time due to hard drive space that we have 8.6 GB for the New partition size then we fill 8 GB.
  • In Type for the new partition select Primary. On Location partition select Beginning.
  • Next change the bootable flag to On> Done setting up the partition> Continue.

  • For setting the SWAP partition on the rest of the hard drive, click on the FREE SPACE.
  • Create a new partition> Size let alone match printed reply. Type for new partition select Logical.
Tip: Swap is usually set at 2x the amount of RAM you use.

Example: I use RAM 1 GB (1024 MB). Then swap partition that I had to make 2GB (2048 MB).

If you have more than 2 GB of RAM, then the swap fairly allocated 2 GB only.

  • For Use as: select Swap Area. Bootable flag: off and Done setting up the partition.
  • Well, now the partition you are ready, click Finish partitioning and write changes to disk. Click Yes to Write the changes to disk?.
  • Time to wait for the base installation of Debian 6.0 system.

  • Configure the packet manager> Scan another CD or DVD? Select Yes if you have a package repository and click No if not.
  • Use a network mirror? This is the absolute choice for those of you who do not have a package repository. Click Yes. Note: You must already be connected to the Internet to get a package of this repository.
  • On Debian archive mirror select Indonesia, for FTP mirrors please you like this time we chose cdn.debian.net server as its source list.

  • In the Software Selection You can choose a complementary application that you want. Our advice, because later Debian 6.0 is only used as a Desktop OS only and not as a server. Then check the Graphical Desktop Environment, Laptops and Standard system Utilities only to complement the application.
  • We wait until the process is complete install package.
  • Then, the application installation process is complete. Time to configure GRUB.

  • Select Yes, for those of you who are using Debian 6.0 as a single OS.
  • Wait a moment and Complete Installation.

  • Restart to begin operating.
  • At the Welcome Screen please login suit your username and password.

  • This is Debian 6.0 + KDE desktop you!!!

  • Looks all so innocent .... . Hmmmm should be given a little change, let cool ....
  • For example, you can see my current desktop.

  • So How to Install Linux Debian 6.0 Squeeze. Easy is not it?

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